Editorial Complaints Policy

At CBD Shopping 247, we strive to provide our readers with accurate, informative, and engaging content about CBD and related products. We take our responsibility to report the news and share information seriously, and we are committed to upholding the highest journalistic standards.

If you believe that we have fallen short of those standards, we encourage you to contact us and let us know. We welcome all feedback, whether positive or negative, and we are committed to addressing any concerns or complaints as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

If you wish to make a complaint about any content published on CBD Shopping 247, please send an email to [email protected]. In your email, please include the following information:

Your name and contact details

The date and title of the article you are complaining about
The specific content that you believe is inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise in breach of our editorial standards
Any supporting evidence or documentation that you have to support your complaint
We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours and investigate it promptly. We may need to contact you for further information or clarification, and we may also need to consult with our editorial team and any relevant third parties.

Once we have completed our investigation, we will inform you of the outcome and any actions that we have taken or plan to take as a result. If we have made an error or breached our editorial standards, we will take appropriate steps to correct the error and ensure that it does not happen again in the future.

We take all complaints seriously and will strive to resolve them as quickly and fairly as possible. Thank you for your feedback and for helping us to maintain the highest standards of journalism at CBD Shopping 247.